Kota Tinggi Travel #5 - Belangkas Mahkota Restaurant

During my travel to Kota Tinggi, my friend requested to go to a restaurant which famous with Belangkas or king crab at kota Tinggi Johor. She claimed she had saw that restaurant in Majalah Tiga. So, 2nd day in Kota Tinggi, we visited Belangkas Mahkota Restaurant at Kota Tinggi Town, located at Jalan Kota Tinggi- Mersing.

This was my first time eating Belangkas. So I feel curious how it taste. My friend ordered two dishes of Belangkas masak asam pedas kering and a dishes of siput gong gong. Not siput b*** ye. huhu. I heard rumor about eating Belangkas is not allowed in Islam. But it is permissible. Lots of the health benefits are obtained by simply eating king crab and egg. Such as slimming, anti-aging and strengthen.

But in order to eat belangkas, you should refrain from eating or drinking watermelons. Concerning you will get drunk. So my review about eating King Crab for the first time is okay and siput gonggong is delicious. You should try it. At least. :)

Siput gonggong (left) and Belangkas (right)

This restaurant is recommended, if you go to Kota Tinggi Johor, go to Belangkas Mahkota restaurant. The price is reasonable and their service is good, especially if you a tourist. But please go before 12 p.m. because their king crab is everyday sold out!

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